Whitepaper Pub Game


The player will have the chance to accumulate native Tokens of the PubVerse by playing in the PvE, PvP, House Owners and Pubers League modes.
In the Staking House Owners mode, the player will be rewarded via profit sharing of the Pub he invested in or “rented”.
In the INVESTOR mode, profit sharing will be proportional to the native Tokens of the PubVerse invested in the investor’s pool, which will be 5% of the total amount of fees.
In the TEMPORARY OWNER mode of the Pub, the profit sharing will be 12% of the fees acquired during the “rental” period. Attention: The Official Pub only releases the “cup” for sale after its kits have been sold out in the rented Pubs. Thus, ensuring the return on investment to players/investors who choose the Staking House Owner mode.
Last modified 27d ago