🔥Pool Refill System

The Pubverse Rewards Pool plays an essential role in the game's ecosystem, constantly being replenished through game fees and content releases on Pubverse. Energy fees, collected from users during their active participation in pubverse, are directed to the Rewards Pool, increasing its value and availability of rewards.

These game fees are a way to sustain and expand the rewards offered to players, encouraging their engagement and active participation in Pub Game's virtual universe. Each time players engage in activities such as battles, explorations and competitions, a portion of the fees are directed to the Rewards Pool, creating a continuous cycle of appreciation and accumulation of prizes.

In addition to game fees, the Rewards Pool is also fueled by periodic releases of new content and events on Pubverse. With each launch, a portion of the revenue generated goes into the Pool, further enriching the rewards available to players. This strategy aims to encourage players to explore all the possibilities offered by Pubverse, boosting engagement and participation in the Pub community.

With this dynamic and self-sustaining system, the Pubverse Reward Pool is continuously growing stronger, providing players with a diverse and valuable pool of rewards. Users are encouraged to be actively involved in the game, contributing to the growth of the Reward Pool and enjoying the benefits of an engaged and rewarding community.

The Pubverse Rewards Pool is fueled by game fees and content releases, creating a virtuous cycle of appreciation and accumulation of rewards. This sustainable approach ensures a rewarding experience for players, encouraging their continued engagement in Pubverse.

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