Founder's Collection

Only 6,750 NFTs

The Founder's Collection is the first and most important collection of NFTs in the Pub ecosystem. With only 6,750 units available, it was created as a tribute to the owners who believed in the project from the beginning. This exclusive collection offers one-time, lifetime benefits and the opportunity to stake PubGameCoin token (PGC).

Owners of the Founders Collection have early access to the PubVerse beta, as well as other benefits throughout the development and release of metaverse features. In addition, they can stack their NFTs to acquire tokens that will be used in the PubStore or PubVerse.

In addition to offering exclusive, lifetime benefits to holders, the collection also actively engages holders in distribution new tokens through staking. By staking Founders Collection NFTs, holders contribute to the network's growth and sustainability, becoming an integral part of PubCoin's ecosystem expansion and continued development.

These are just some of the benefits of this prestigious collection:

  • Early Access to Pre Sale 2 - 12 hours early!!

  • Lifetime staking

  • Access to official Gameplay and Pubverso Beta versions;

  • Special discounts on PubVerse releases and partner projects;

  • Special access to all PubGame events;

  • Participation in the 1 BTC Draw

Benefits will depend on the rarity of NFTs, which are separated into three categories:

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

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