⏮️Pre-Sale 2

PRE SALE 2 is complete! But still see what the rules were like:

Those who own Founder's Collection one get early access to Pre Sale 2 - 12 hours early!!

During the campaign, which will run from 07/07/2023 to 08/05/2023 and can be brought forward if the tokens run out, 6,000,000.00 units of PubGameCoin will be made available with a special quotation of 0.035 USDC, representing a significant discount of 12.5% in relation to the Launch price.

Accepted payment methods are USDC and Pix, with a minimum purchase of 1,000 PGCs and a maximum of 100,000 PGCs per wallet. To purchase PubGameCoin, simply access the purchase link: https://presale.pubgame.io/en

There is still a bonus for everyone in this PRE-ORDER 2!

🌟 For non-Founders:

  • When placing above $300 you get +5% PGC bonus.

🔥 And for Founders, even more advantages:

  1. 🥇 Gold (buy between $1001 - $3500):

    • 20% bonus on PGC

    • Receive 1 Legendary NFT from Pubracer

  2. 🥈 Silver (purchase between $201 - $1000):

    • 15% bonus on PGC

    • Receive 1 Epic Pubracer NFT

  3. 🥉 Bronze (purchase between $100 - $200):

    • 10% bonus on PGC

    • Receive 1 Rare NFT from Pubracer

This is a unique opportunity to ensure your participation in this innovative ecosystem and enjoy all the advantages and benefits that PubGameCoin has to offer. Don't waste time, be part of this digital revolution and enter the PubGame universe.

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