PUB Game COIN (PGC) the native PUB Token

PUB Game COIN is a Utility token built on the Polygon network, offering web3 users the ability to directly and conveniently utilize their digital assets in the physical world. By eliminating the need for traditional currency conversions or the use of exchange credit cards, PUB Game Coin gives users the freedom to exchange products and services from leading traditional market companies, while maintaining privacy and reducing conversion rates and risks during transactions between portfolios.

Through PUB Game Coin, real adoption of crypto assets is driven, allowing partner brands to interact with users, promoting and marketing their products and services through secure and efficient channels. As a token, PUB Game COIN offers security, speed and transparency in all transactions within the PUB ecosystem, ensuring the protection of transactions and user privacy through blockchain technology.

Within the PUB ecosystem, PUB Game Coin plays an essential role as a digital currency with real utility. Users can purchase products, participate in games and competitions, interact with partner brands and experience an immersive PubVerse experience. In summary, PUB Game COIN is a practical solution for using crypto assets in the physical world, allowing the direct exchange of products and services from the main companies in the traditional market, eliminating the need for conversions and providing a safe and efficient interaction between brands and users.

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