PUB is the engine behind Web3, driving mass adoption of crypto assets, rewarding the community and enabling direct exchange of PUBGameCoin for everyday products and services.

PubGame is an innovative company that is transforming interaction and fun in the digital world. Its unique ecosystem, comprised of PUBGameCoin and PUBVerse, offers users an immersive and rewarding experience across the entire PUB universe. The project adopts the Polygon network for its tokens, enjoying the benefits of a fast and scalable network.

PUBGameCoin is PubGame's real utility token. It serves as the native currency of the ecosystem, providing Web3 users with the ability to directly and conveniently utilize their digital assets in the physical world. With PUBGameCoin, users can exchange at the PUB Store, purchasing exclusive products and services without the need to convert into traditional currencies or use brokerage credit cards.

PUBVerse is the beating heart of PubGame. It is a revolutionary metaverse, an immersive and diverse virtual environment, where users can explore, interact and live unique experiences. In PUBVerse, PUBGameCoin plays a central role, allowing users to exchange for collectibles, customize their avatars, acquire virtual lands and participate in exclusive events.

In addition, PUBVerse also functions as a hub for business and breakthrough technology investments on the Polygon blockchain network. Partner brands have the opportunity to interact with PUBVerse users, promoting their products and services through campaigns and activities within the metaverse. Users, in turn, benefit from these interactions, getting special discounts, additional rewards and privileged access to exclusive events.

The combination of PUBGameCoin and PUBVerse creates a vibrant, collaborative ecosystem, driving the adoption and actual use of crypto assets. PubGame is committed to providing users with an innovative experience, connecting the virtual and physical world in a unique way. With PUBGameCoin and PUBVerse, PubGame is revolutionizing the way people interact, play and take advantage of digital assets in the Web3 landscape.

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