📄Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are programs that execute digital agreements securely and automatically, without intermediaries. They ensure reliable transactions using blockchain technology.

Within the PUB ecosystem, smart contracts play an essential role. They are standalone blockchain-based programs that automatically execute the terms of agreements between parties. These smart contracts ensure secure, transparent and efficient transactions, eliminating middlemen and ensuring reliable contract execution.

In the context of PUB, smart contracts are used for various purposes, such as transactions, interactions with partner brands and guaranteeing fair rewards. They are written in specific programming languages and stored on the Polygon network blockchain, ensuring the immutability of established rules.

PUB's smart contracts provide a reliable and automated experience for users, enabling direct and secure transactions and ensuring the integrity of the rewards and benefits offered on PubVerse. This revolutionary technology contributes to the transparency, efficiency and sustainability of the PUB ecosystem, promoting a unique and immersive experience for its users.

PUB Game Coin

Smart Contract PUB Game Coin Token:


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Founder's Collection

Founder's Collection Smart Contract:


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Pubber's Collection

Pubber's Collection Smart Contract:


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NFT FREE Smart Contract:


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