The PubGame Marketplace is the central place where online trades for all in-game items take place, playing a key role in the game's cash flow and sustainability. As an essential part of the PUB ecosystem, this space facilitates financial transactions between users.

Through the Marketplace, users have the opportunity to trade among themselves a wide variety of items such as skins, weapons, accessories and game resources. This secure and convenient platform enables users to acquire desired items to enhance their PubGame experience.

A 3% fee is charged on every transaction made on the Marketplace, playing a crucial role in the financial sustainability of the game. This fee helps cover operating costs and enables ongoing investments to improve the game, ensuring updates, support and new features for users.

By adopting this fee policy, Marketplace PubGame ensures a constant cash flow, providing financial resources for the game's continued growth and development. This allows for investments in enhancements, events and additional features that enrich the user experience.

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