🏦Sustainability Strategy

In recent times, we have seen large projects withdrawing simply because they did not plan for the sustainability of the economic system. With that in mind, we developed a constant pool feedback system derived from the ecosystem itself.

The PubGame model applies challenges in engagement campaigns, establishes goals, awards and incentives for the community. In all scenarios, accommodation is not allowed. The simple renewal movement makes credibility reach excellent levels. The sustainability strategy adopted in the PubGame ecosystem is constant feedback from the reward pool through integrated actions.

In this model, it is possible to allocate a part of the profits directly to the payment of rewards earned by players during their activity in the PubGame universe. The addition of the PVP mode is fundamental in this equation, as it promotes an exponential and dynamic circulation of tokens. Also included are profits derived from transactions carried out within the ecosystem. All this contributes to sustainable longevity, offering the player peace of mind that the project does not have an expiration date, unfortunately many projects have succumbed recently, causing disrepute. PubGame came to revolutionize the metaverse

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