📈Inflation Control

Pub will implement strategic token price fluctuation protection measures ready to be activated if necessary. This will help control the supply of Tokens, increasing their scarcity and potentially boosting their market value.

In addition, PUBGame will maintain a security wallet aimed at balancing the market. This wallet will be used to neutralize the holdings of "Whales" (large Token holders) by injecting Tokens when needed. This practice aims to avoid excessive concentration of Tokens in the hands of a few, promoting a more balanced and healthy distribution.

Additionally, PUBGame may repurchase Tokens when unusual transactions occur, in order to stabilize market prices. These repurchases will be made according to market needs and conditions, allowing for a more adequate price adjustment and mitigating possible abrupt fluctuations.

All these measures are adopted with the aim of protecting the Pgc Token. ensuring the stability and trust of users. Through carefully planned strategies, PUB seeks to create a healthy and sustainable environment for its pubcoin Token, promoting a balanced market and long-term benefits for its user community.

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