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The PubStore is PubGame's innovative online store where users can use their PubGameCoins (PGCs) to trade a wide range of exclusive products and services.

PUBStore is the online store powered by PUBGame, where PubVerse users can trade a variety of products and services using PUBCoin, the ecosystem's native cryptocurrency.

At PUBStore you will find a wide range of unique items and products. This ranges from digital products such as custom avatars, virtual lands and one-of-a-kind accessories to physical products such as t-shirts, mugs and collector's items.

The idea behind PUBStore is to provide PUB users with a direct way to use their digital assets in the physical world, without the need to convert to traditional currencies or use exchange credit cards. This way, you can easily and conveniently trade products and services using your PUBCoins.

The PUBStore is regularly updated with new products and services, ensuring an ever-evolving shopping experience for PUB users. It's a place where you can find exclusive items and enjoy the benefits of being part of the PUBGame community.

So, explore the PUBStore, choose your favorite products and enjoy the PUBCoin shopping experience!

Some of the products in the PubStore:

  • Playstation

  • Xbox

  • Steam

  • Nintendo

  • Google Play

  • Americanas

  • Free Fire

  • Globo Play

  • Netflix

  • IFood

  • Uber

  • Uber Eats

  • Minecraft

  • Submarino

  • Spotify

  • Shoptime

  • Roblox

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