We are more than a fun and profitable metaverse. We go beyond we are the bridge that connects worlds!
PubGame aims to transform the concept of using NFTs and tokens into a profitable environment for companies and users to share a Multi-Chain, sustainable and fun Metaverse with the same collaborative vision. For this, we adopted a branding strategy, achieving a healthy union of the virtual and physical world, creating immersive and unique experiences focusing on profitability and real benefits in the lives of our users.
Bringing an innovative concept, PubVerso will be the company's first release, being the fun and entertainment core of a metaverse with countless possibilities and immersive experiences, integrated into a business hub and revolutionary technological investments in the blockchain network.
How does the connection between worlds work in practice?
PubGame will connect companies and users on PubVerso, the objective is to ensure economic sustainability in a viral ecosystem, through an engaged and united community that shared immersive experiences in: Disputes, explorations, festivals, events among other available modalities. This connection will provide gains and rewards in and out of this new reality.
Pubverse will boost the adoption of the real use of cryptoassets, opening space for partner brands to interact with their users, promoting and marketing their products and services through campaigns, creating collectibles such as: NFT's (avatars, terrains and personalized accessories ) that will be used and acquired by the community within this metaverse, providing the holders of these collections, in addition to the unique characteristics and abilities that enable earnings in PubCoins, native tokens of the PubGame ecosystem, exclusive benefits in the physical world seeuch ase:
  • Purchasing products/services with Pubcoins (native tokens)
  • Special discounts
  • Access to events
  • Reward in products
  • Commissioning on publicity and much more...
Made available by these partner brands in the daily life and lives of our users around the world.
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