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Tokenomics is the Token based economy.

In a token economy, just like in the real economy, everything you create has value. The rarer, more desired and more benefits the token offers, the more valued it becomes in the market. In the PUB ecosystem, the economy is solid and sustainable, maintaining the ideal terrain for the WEB 3 community to have the desired privacy and security in the use of cryptos for use in the physical and digital world.

Here is a detailed explanation of PubGame's economic system.

Economy Tokenomics (1,000,000,000)

Reward Pool (400,000,000)

In the PUB ecosystem, 40% of the value generated by the economy goes into the reward pool, which is constantly replenished through the economic model of play-to-earn experiences. Ecosystem members have the opportunity to earn rewards through Founders Collection staking, participation in PVE, and especially PVP, where 80% of rewards go to players and 20% return to the Reward Pool. In addition, the reward pool is fueled by withdrawal fees, item trading, event participation, partner brand shares, and the spread gained from PGC exchanges for PubStore products and services, providing users with a variety of opportunities to be rewarded significantly and driving engagement in the PUB community.

Development portfolio (200,000,000)

A sustainable, robust and innovative economy can continue to develop its ecosystem by creating new technologies and hiring professionals who will enable the best response to the technological challenges and innovations to come. Therefore, twenty percent of the resources

Public sale (90,000,000)

The PUB public sale is the moment when the maximum amount of tokens is made available in listings on centralized and decentralized exchanges. This initiative seeks to democratize access to tokens and allow a wide audience to participate in the PUB ecosystem, promoting financial inclusion and creating an open and accessible environment for all interested parties.

Liquidity pool (70,000,000)

Seven percent of the economy is reserved for token liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

Marketing portfolio (80,000,000)

The more populated PubGame becomes, the more the economy of that universe grows. The greater the economy, the greater the possibility of innovations and actions by partner brands to benefit and entertain PubGame members. Thus, a part of the savings is transferred to the marketing actions sector (Sweepstakes, campaigns with partners, etc.) for the dissemination of the PubGame universe and its news.

ICO (20,000,000)

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a crucial phase in the development of the PubGame ecosystem, where maximum availability of tokens is earmarked for campaigns and strategies prior to public sale. In case it is not necessary to use the 2% of the allocated tokens, they will be transferred to the reward pool, benefiting the members of the ecosystem. In addition, the ICO also provides an opportunity for partner investors to get strategically involved, actively participating in the enrichment of the PubGame universe and contributing to the growth and success of the project.

Founders (60,000,000)

It is the portfolio of the partners (creators) of the PubGame project. Locked for withdrawal for the first 14 months, access to resources will be released gradually according to the schedule of the vesting contract that will be made available to the entire community.

Security (30,000,000)

The security portfolio aims to balance stocks that deviate from normality. Measures can be taken using the resources in this portfolio.

Advisors (20,000,000)

Amount intended for the composition of the group of consultants, analysts and specialists in crypto, NFTs and related market. (Will have a vesting contract)

Consultants (15,000,000)

Participation of decision makers, influencers and project partners. Resources destined for the development of specific actions aimed at integrating these projects with the PubGame community.

Airdrop (15,000,000)

Amount destined for Airdrops events prior to public listing. If not used, everything will be redirected to the Marketing portfolio or Reward Pool

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