Minting an NFT

Mint is the termination of the process of turning something into an NFT, that is, encoding it and placing it onto the Blockchain.
NFT is a digital asset that represents internet collectibles with an authentic certificate created by blockchain technology that underlies Cryptocurrency.
Sell your NFT utilizing MATIC on the market is allowed. But before selling it, don't forget that in addition to the unique advantages that your NFT will have, it can also increase in value as time goes by. Selling at the right time will make all the difference if you want to make a good amount of profit.
Advantages of Minting the NFT:
  • Free registration for special events;
  • Benefits in the real world (Ex: Cashback in promotional campaigns from our partners);
  • Loyalty programs and special benefits;
  • Possible valuation of the NFT in MATIC;
  • Lots of more advantages will come. Stay tuned!
Only Rare, Epic and Legendary avatar levels can become an NFT, as long as they are completed with all 6 accessories and these at least with 4 Collections accessories.